• Customised and easy to follow meal plan designed specifically for your body type!


• Depending on your level of activity, goals, requirements and your current condition, everything is taken into consideration.


• The customised meal plan includes all the "essential" foods that your body needs to achieve optimal performance.


• Online consultation, Metabolic typing, digestive system health, gluten sensitivity, adrenal and thyroid functioning test, amino acids deficiency test, healing with Ayurvedic herbs.


• Meal plan will be updated every 4-6 weeks to make sustainable & longlasting results!


• What and when to eat.


• How to properly hydrate your skin and body.


• What to drink and when to exercise.


• Healthy snacks to help keep you energised, cure those sugar cravings and help keep you lean and fit.


• Lifestyle & Supplementation guide, containing the best and most effective supplements to help improve your performance.


• Training Schedule and when the best time to exercise is.


• Which foods to avoid for your specific body type.


• Find out which foods are making you feel bloated and which foods help keep you energised and in shape all year round.


• 24/7 email support.


Our mission at www.AndyAshtonFitness.com is to help you achieve the best results possible, so if you have any questions regarding your customised meal plan, feel free to email anytime at, andyashtonfitness@gmail.com 

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    Andy Ashton is an International world renowned fitness champion, celebrity trainer, model and Actor.  His work has been featured and published worldwide, for all major fitness and fashion magazines, TV, commercial and film.



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