How To Build Your Physique just the Way "YOU" Want it ?!

 If your goal is to Lose Weight, Tone Up, Build Lean Muscle Mass, ... or if your goal is to improve your sports performance, we will build a Customised Exercise Program JUST for YOU ! that will keep your Body in Top Shape all year round.


 After a thorough analysis and research of your health and physical condition and also of your needs, we will be able to compose a detailed day-to-day programme of exercises with the number of hours to spend on required body areas. With this plan you’ll be able to do your exercises effectively even without personal trainer’s supervision.


 Customised Programs:


 Fat burning program, Yoga program, Pilates program , Kettlebell program, HIT program, Muscle Buiding Program, Abs program, Tone Up program, Strength program, Sports performance program, Just Core, Calisthenics program, Stretching program, Beach Body program, ... Workouts that get YOU long lasting Results ! ... ANYWHERE you desire ... at home workouts, at the Park or in Nature, at the gym, ... "YOU" decide the WAY YOU WANT IT !!
This Customised Program  includes:


 Your workout program will include the most effective routine specifically designed for your goals and needs.


- Online consultation

- Exercise Schedule Plan

- Exercise program design

- Customised exercise program to follow step by step. Instructional images are included for every single exercise so you can see exactly what you have to follow! and how to preform them in order to avoid injuries and get fast results in the least amount of time.

- The workout program will be either designed to lose body fat or build lean muscle/get stronger, depending on your goals.

- Stretching program

- Fast Fat Burning Cardio program

- Supplement guide containing the best and most effective supplements that could recommend.

- 24/7 Email Support & Coaching: email support to guide you through your transformation and make sure you understand everything!


 I want to help you obtain the best results you possibly can, so if you have any questions regarding your programs, feel free to e-mail any time! This is included for all members.


 The workout routine can be switched up every 4-6 weeks (if necessary). It is important to stick to one training plan for this amount of time to make sure we can properly overload on every exercise and get stronger/track our workouts. Exercises programs must to be updated and refresh it every 4-6 weeks so you continue to get ongoing results.


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Customised Training Program


    Andy Ashton is an International world renowned fitness champion, celebrity trainer, model and Actor.  His work has been featured and published worldwide, for all major fitness and fashion magazines, TV, commercial and film.

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