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What is best time to train to achieve the best results, according to your BIO-CLOCK & goals?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

There are specific times of the day where each meridian has the most energy. If you look closely at the meridians in the picture, you could appreciate that around 9am is the best testosterone peak in the body. If your intention were to increase testosterone naturally, it is advisable at that time to do strength training or some type of training that helps you raise testosterone levels, that is the key for you to achieving greater efficiency in increasing testosterone production. You must to increase that testosterone secretion in those moments of greater natural secretion of the organism because this way you will achieve a greater benefit and optimal results, if the objective was to increase your muscle mass to its maximum potential as i mentiones before.

After noon, you can start working with motor skills more efficiently, for example at 2.30 pm you will have more motor coordination, while your reaction time will be at its lowest around 3.30. p.m. This is important because if you are an athlete and you are training complex exercises for fine motor skills and coordination, it is important that you take the opportunity to train them at times of greatest efficiency. And if it's muscle strength, the ideal time will be later on in the day.

At 5 pm we find a higher level of cardio vascular efficiency and muscular strength. This is important because if you were training muscle strength and wanted to develop it, and you were able to choose and create your own schedule, 5 pm is the ideal time to train muscle strength and train with the cardiovascular system as long as you do not desire any of these two goals: the first is that you do not have a particular interest in increasing testosterone production, which will be in the early morning at 9 am, as we mentioned before; and another would be that you have no particular interest in increasing your neurotrophin and the production of new neurons, which will always be early in the morning and for this we always recommend interval exercises in the early morning. If you desire a personalised interval exercise program or a customised workout plan, (Click Here) or contact us for more info at

In summary, you could create your own training schudulle upon your bio-clock:

9 am - especially increases muscle mass

2.30 pm - more motor coordination

3.30 pm - shorter reaction time

5 pm - greater muscular and cardio vascular efficiency

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