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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Is it possible to transform my body shape?

Absolutely YES ! This could be YOU.

How can I reshape my body?

With the right nutrition plan for YOU and with a customised exercise program to target the specific area you want to shape or work on. 
So targeting specific muscle groups, can shape your body. If you only do repetitive cardio exercise in the gym on equipment such as treadmills, a cross trainer or an exercise bike, only your cardiovascular system will get better but your muscles and stabilisers will get weaker.

How long does it take to transform my body?

It could take approximately twelve weeks of eating the right foods for your metabolism, from scratch coupled with consistent, intelligent training and recovery can transform your strength, fitness, shape and physique. However, this is completely dependent on the individual.

Ready to know more about HOW CAN YOU TRANSFORM YOUR BODY SHAPE !!?

12 weeks to Your Best Body Shape Ever !! One-to-One Online Coaching !

This Customised Program will take you from where you currently are and completely make you "ShiNe" in ONLY 12 weeks. 

This program includes:

- Personalised 12 week training program.

- Personalised nutrition plan including healthy snacks to stay lean without food cravings.

- One to one online coaching and 24/7 email service. 
- Online consultation
- Nutrition & Lifestyle guidance.

- Recommended Supplementation to achieve maximum results.
-100% results or money back guaranteed.

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What does this Complete Package of Total Body Transformatition includes??

The Holistic Way: Total Body Transformation - 12 Week Cycle

The 12 Week Complete Cycle includes:


• Weekly Training Schedule.

• Strengthen and conditioning program.

• Core conditioning program.

• Cardiovascular program.

• Working heart rate.

• Flexibility program.

• One-to-One online PT training

12 Week Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching:


• Online coaching on nutrition and lifestyle to fine-tune the diet & lifestyle issues to achieve optimal health.

• 24/7 unlimited e-mail access.

• Monitoring continuously your progression and resolving any daily issues you may have via e-mail.

• 3 complete cycles; it is recommended 12 cycle for the following:

            1. Cleansing Phase: 4-week cycle.

            2. Healing Phase: 4-week cycle.

            3. Rejuvenating Phase, “The New Me”: 4-week cycle.

• Health Assessment and Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Evaluation. Holistic evaluation of the whole body systems, including genetic typing, Ayurveda dosha questionnaire, stress management, digestive system health, detoxification system health, fungus and parasite infections, circadian rhythm, hormonal imbalances, restoring energy and lifestyle evaluations.

• Re-evaluation every 4 weeks to monitor progressions.

• HNL Report: It shows the level of the stressors that are affecting to the entire body system.

• Genetic type evaluation. Genetic Typing is a system that helps identify your individual genetically based nutrition and diet requirements. There is not one diet that is right for everyone, therefore to achieve optimal health; this customised plan will determine what is right for “you”.

• Genetic Type Report: your personalised report describing the results of your own Genetic Typing Assessment. This report not only describes your personal Genetic Type, but also shows the relative balances between the various systems that determine your type of metabolism. This allows you to compare future test results and chart your progress as you achieve better health through improved metabolic balance.

• Ayurvedic Dosha Questionnaire. With this test we find out what is your Prakriti or constitution, to find out what is your dominant dosha and what dosha we must compensate. The balance of the three doshas is what will give you well-being.

• Your dosha test results, in terms of

Ayurveda medicine, to implement to your

nutrition plan.

• Amino acids evaluation to find out which amino acids are missing in your body. Not all amino acids and supplements are safe for all people. This FREE Amino Acid Therapy Test will help you determine which amino acids and supplements are good for you, in what amounts and when. The test will address deficiencies and imbalances in your body and moods.

• Amino acids deficiency report and theraphy.

• Digestive system health evaluation. Do You Feel Bloated? Do You Feel Lethargic & Have Low Energy? Do You Suffer From Acid Reflux? Do You Have Sweet Cravings? Do You Have Weight Control Problems? Do You Have Skin Problems? Do You Have Candida or any infection in the intestinal tract? Do You Suffer From IBS?

• Digestive system report.

• Customised Genetic Type Eating Plan: shows what to eat and what not to eat to improve your metabolic balance and function. Your food list details exactly the right foods for your specific genetic needs and identifies all the foods you should avoid.

• Starter Meal Plans — to assist you in getting started right and to help you understand how to eat right for your Genetic Type. Genetic Typing is unique because there is NO food weighing or measuring required! With our Starter Meal Plans, you will quickly learn how relative food proportions are what really matters. Learn why you do not need to weigh food quantities or count calories to lose weight or improve your health.

• Individualised Genetic Type Supplement List (Prescribed Supplementation)— the right nutritional supplements specifically created and combined only for your unique Genetic Type. These supplements are unlike any others – they utilise the exact forms and balances of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, herbs and enzymes shown to be supportive of your particular kind of metabolism. These unique Genetic Type supplements are the highest quality available in the market. You will be prescribed the correct forms and dosages of additional nutrients needed for your Genetic Type and needs.

• Eating Right For Your Body (Guidelines) — step-by-step instructions for eating the right proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to ensure that you get the correct balance. For over 500 years, Genetic Typing has demonstrated that it’s just as important to eat the right ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your Genetic Typing, as it is to eat the right foods for your Genetic Typing. It makes all the difference in the world in correcting low energy, mood swings, cravings, and a desire for sweets or stimulants.

• Additional Guidelines and Tutorials –to help you incorporate your Genetic Typing program and to re-equilibrate your Dosha dominant.

• Shopping Guidelines & Tutorial — to take the guess work out of your weekly trip to the market. Learn how to properly choose fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and other healthy foods for your Genetic Type, and how to avoid deceptively labeled and cleverly disguised poor quality foods. Proper nutrition for your

Genetic Type begins at the market.

• Shopping Wisely: how to shop and where to shop? Get the best food quality at the best value. 

• Snacking out.

• Tutorial about why go organic.

• Label awareness.

• Fridge and cupboard awareness.

The 4-White Devils! What to AVOID.

• Read the labels (tutorial).

• Cooking Guidelines — Improper cooking methods can greatly reduce the nutritional content of your foods, and even make normally healthful foods quite unhealthy. These instructions will help insure that you do not make common food preparation mistakes nearly everyone makes that often undermine good health. Healthy food can even become dangerous if cooked wrong. Learn what’s right.

• Quick and simple recipes.

• Smoothies and juicing.

• Food preserving.

• Preparing ahead.

• Cooking with Fats & Oils Guidelines — Yes, you can have fats and oils in your diet!! In fact, they are critical for all Genetic Types, but only if utilized correctly. Learn which ones become unhealthy when heated, which can tolerate high heat, which need to be refrigerated or remain unharmed by storage at room temperature, and which ones nearly everyone uses that are unhealthy for all.

• Food combining.

• Eating out guidelines.

• Helpful tips for the traveller.

• Health care.

• Environment awareness.

• Sleeping Guidelines.

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